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  • What is Rooted Happiness?
    Rooted Happiness is a potted plant delivery service! Our goal is deliver gorgeous and high-quality outdoor planters straight to your doorstep. Saving you the time, stress, and mess of building your own arrangements for each new season!
  • How do I order a plant package?
    Follow these steps: 1. Select your recurring happiness frequency 2. Tell us the amount of sunlight/sun exposure is in the desired location for the planter 3. Tell us how many planters or gardens you want "zhoozhed" 4. Tell us if you have any special requests - Any extra zhoozh 5. Submit and share your contact information, and our happiness concierge will be in contact shortly!
  • What kind of plant material can i expect?
    The amount of plant material and the kind of plant material is based on the plant package level selected! The plant selection will vary by season as well as availability in the area.
  • What if I want to use my own pots? What are my options?
    Let us know that you want to use your own pot, and we will update our pricing according to the pot's diameter! Looking to purchase your own high-end pot? Let our happiness concierge procure the perfect pottery to complement your home!
  • Can I place my planter indoors?
    The majority of our planters and packages are meant to be placed outdoors. If you are looking for short-term, our planter should simply be moved outside after a couple of days or a week. However, our focus is also on delivering happiness with every plant arrangement, we are always open to customization for indoor planters or plant walls.
  • Can you design custom pots?
    Yes! We have a variety of ways to customize your potted arrangements, anything from choosing a specific color of pot or plants or even custom zhoozh by request only!
  • Can I order more than one pot?
    Can I order more than one pot? Yes, we are happy to help you design your perfect patio arrangement.
  • Is the pot mine to keep?
    No, we will switch out your pot on a quarterly basis, you can pick each quarter between the color and shape of your pot
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