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How WE DEliver Happiness | How it works

Selecting a Package | recurring happiness

Your choice of package selection depends on the size of your planter and the scale of your space.

1.) Select a style of pot, and then click view size and pricing


2.) Select a color and plant level

*prices will vary depending on the plant package level

3.) Create an account and check out


4.) Our Happiness Concierge will reach out and finalize details about your first delivery


5.) Your plant arrangement is delivered directly to your front porch, mess-free!


6.) Enjoy!

Our Planter Rental Process

One of the added values of Rooted Happiness is the bonus of not having to invest in a large high-quality pot for your outdoor areas! Not only do we deliver beautiful plant material directly to your door, but your beautiful arrangement is placed inside our luxury planters. 


Every quarter you will get the opportunity to pick your pot color, shape, and plant level; whether you select a new color, shape, or plant level or keep it the same for the season, your old arrangement will swiftly be replaced with a completely new arrangement to celebrate the new season!

More about our luxury planters:

These resilient beauties are made in America, home of pretty much every climate on earth. Our tried and true materials and construction are at home in the salty air, blazing sun, and frosty mountains. Count on your planters to stay strong and colorfast in any outdoor conditions, coast to coast. 

Happiness Concierge

Our Happiness Concierge ensures that YOU, dear client, are completely satisfied with your planting: a beautiful combo of textures, colors, and seasonal flare that is sure to be eye-popping and only get better with time…until it’s time for you to come home to an entirely new curated, seasonal arrangement! Our Happiness Concierge is delighted to work alongside you to customize our collections to accomplish your design goal and aesthetic.

Choose your favorite color scheme and decide how much it’s worth to feel happy every time you drive home and see your exquisite planters!


Superb – A trio of three to five friendly, vibrant plants that perfectly complement each other.


Stunning – One radiant star of the show, two to three brilliant supporting characters, and just enough talented extras to spill and fill everything in beautifully.

Spectacular – Two large, impressive, perennial thrillers / three to five types of lush fillers / two to three or more varieties of glorious spillers 

Rare Tropical Plants - Enjoy two exclusive and rare plants surrounded by lush fillers! Perfect for plant lovers looking to add some luxury plants to their collection. 

(Price may vary depending on the plant requested)

special occasions

Sometimes special events call for extraordinary measures. We are excited to help you refresh your planters with whatever extra will amplify and impress you and your guests to the maximum! Ask your happiness concierge about our custom event options!

Sun and wind Exposure

It's important to know the real-world conditions that apply to your planters. Different locations around your house can have varying amounts of sun and wind exposure! As you choose your happiness packages, consider where your planters are placed, then observe how much sun and wind that location gets during the day. Please indicate the level of sun exposure, as this will prompt our Happiness Concierge to understand your planters needs and swap some plants in your collection that will better flourish in your space.  Skillfully selected, yours will be the highest quality plants, each arranged to grow well in your space, ensuring an eye-catching planter that will last the entire season.

maintence & our happiness guarantee

Part of our service includes an informative plant maintenance guide full of pro tips to tend your beautiful planters like an expert. If you don’t care to do the work yourself, we also offer a range of maintenance services that will keep things looking great and your feelings of happiness flowing. 


As long as you follow and do our expert tips or allow our services to help you maintain your living plants, we expect your plants to thrive and grow to their full potential until it’s time for your next installment of joy! Our guarantee is a one-time replacement of any plant in your arrangement that passes away in an untimely way, under proper care.

The Zhoozh | Extras

For an additional fee, we offer extra ways to take your happiness quotient to entirely new levels! Options include adding more special plants, amending with high-quality silk florals, seasonal accent pieces such as pumpkins and gourds, sticks and branches, obelisks and ornaments, and…lights!

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