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Early Spring Planters For Kansas + Missouri

Updated: Nov 3

Kansas and Missouri can have some of the weirdest weather around! So what is best to plant during the early spring with the strength to withstand the midwest "spring"? Check out this list below for some gorgeous yet sturdy plants!

  1. Daffodils: These hardy bulbs are well-suited to the colder, unpredictable weather of early spring in Kansas and Missouri.

  2. Tulips: Tulips are another popular bulb that does well in the region, and they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

  3. Forsythia: This early-blooming shrub produces bright yellow flowers that are a sure sign of spring.

  4. Lilacs: Lilacs are well-loved for their sweet fragrance and beautiful blooms, and they tend to do well in the cooler spring weather of Kansas and Missouri.

  5. Redbuds: These small, ornamental trees produce pink or purple flowers before the leaves emerge, making them a stunning sight in early spring.

  6. Dogwoods: Dogwood trees are another popular choice for springtime blooms, with their showy white or pink flowers.

  7. Azaleas: These shrubs are prized for their stunning blooms in shades of pink, red, and purple, and they do well in the acidic soil found in many parts of Kansas and Missouri.

  8. Virginia bluebells: These native wildflowers produce clusters of blue or pinkish-purple blooms in early spring and can be a beautiful addition to any garden.

  9. Bleeding hearts: These delicate, heart-shaped flowers come in shades of pink and white and are a favorite of many gardeners in the region.

  10. Hostas: While not known for their blooms, hostas are a popular perennial in the region for their lush foliage and low-maintenance nature. They do well in Kansas and Missouri's cooler, moist spring weather.

Spring is the time of plans and projects; let us help you take planting off your list! We ensure you enjoy fresh colors all year while saving you the time, stress, and mess of creating the perfect outdoor space. Our quarterly planter subscription service delivers luxury planters straight to your home and office.

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