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Say Yes to Large Planters for a Big Win

Updated: Nov 3

Here’s a simple way to increase home value and curb appeal in one move: invest in big planters! Think of them as semi-permanent, moveable pieces of hardscape, the element of landscape design that provides the bones and structure, the visual anchor of a scene…the part your eye keeps finding and enjoying.

Visual Impact

A fundamental design principle is providing a focal point (or two or three). The world is so crazy that we need something obvious for our attention to land on! The more, the better. Big planters give unmistakable, immediate context to an unfamiliar scene and subconscious comfort to a well-known and loved one.

Visual impact is another huge reason to incorporate large planters in your home’s overall design. Like jewelry, notice-grabbing planters that are in appropriate scale to the street-facing side–which usually includes the garage and front entry–greatly enhance the impression of beauty. There’s something so attractive about living plants moving with the wind in a solid setting—like sparkling gems.

It’s important not to miss the opportunity to wow from afar by buying pots too small for the space, though. This article is about large planters for a reason: they are worth every dollar for how much visual impact they carry when done correctly.

Divide Spaces

Large planters are incredibly useful for creating barriers between areas, especially for needed privacy and to block unpleasant views. Filled with bamboo or hedges, tall grasses, or even small flowering trees, large planters have one distinctive feature that separates them from traditional planting: they remain mobile and do not need ground contact to provide a living wall, which opens possibilities up to decks, atriums, patios, and balconies. Having all kinds of benefits and no commitment makes this versatility an attractive feature for homeowners and apartment-dwellers alike!

Sometimes one doesn’t necessarily want to block off a view entirely, only define one section of an area from another within a vast open space like a large deck, patio, or poolside seating area. Big planters filled with beautiful flowers and plants can create a cohesive screen. Whether low enough to see over or tall enough to peer around, large planters offer an attractive plan to enjoy one space in separate doses.

Add Ambience

To provide seasonal and general aesthetics, fill big planters with colorful annuals and vibrant tropicals for summer and lush evergreens for fall and winter. The back of your home is your private sanctuary, another large room beyond the windows, so why not treat it so? You and your guests’ view from the kitchen to the outside is just as important as the kitchen to the living room. Invest in large planters and take pride in your cultivated beautiful scene!

Large structural planters can also provide shade among seating areas. They greet you and your guests with something delightful upon approach. Ultimately, they raise your home’s value via instant curb appeal…all in less than one day. Today it is easier than ever to choose and install these investments as resin, fiberglass, glass-fiber reinforced concrete, recycled plastic, and metal planters offer alternatives to heavy, traditional ceramic and cement pieces.

Consider investing in large planters and a botanical design service when you look for simple ways to improve your home’s exterior. Hopefully, this idea will take root and grow long before you move…but it is also a brilliant way to stage your home to look its best if moving is on your agenda. Best part? You can take your new, unique large planters with you.

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