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What is Rooted Happiness?

Tired of spending hours shopping, prepping, and putting together outdoor arrangements? Rooted Happiness has the perfect solution for you! We deliver luxury plant arrangements directly to your door, saving you the time, stress, and mess of creating your own.

How Rooted Happiness works?

Imagine pulling up to your house and having a new, beautiful plant arrangement highlighting your home! This is the feeling you'll get with Rooted Happiness! Every quarter you will get the opportunity to pick your planter color, shape, and plant level; whether you select a new color, shape, or plant level or keep it the same for the season, your old arrangement will swiftly be replaced with a completely new arrangement to celebrate the new season!

Why Rooted Happiness?

  • We pride ourselves in quality plant material and Kansas-Made planters.

  • Our happiness concierge's primary focus is assuring your happiness in your subscription and products.

  • Our rental planter program allows you to change your style of planter each quarter while also saving you the investment in a large luxury planter!

  • Looking for something even grander? We love to create custom planters or themed flower beds and landscapes!

Ready to get started and get plant happiness delivered? Call our Happiness Concierge to get started, or browse our planter selection online!

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