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We help save you the time and mess of creating your own fresh plant arrangement for each new season!

Each of our planters are delivered directly to your doorstep, filled with fresh seasonal plants, saving you the time and mess of creating your own plant arrangement.

Not sure what plant level is best for you? Check out our plant level below!

Choose your favorite color scheme and decide how much it’s worth to feel happy every time you drive home and see your exquisite planters!


Superb – A trio of three to five friendly, vibrant plants that perfectly complement each other.


Stunning – One radiant star of the show, two to three brilliant supporting characters, and just enough talented extras to spill and fill everything in beautifully.

Spectacular – Two large, impressive, perennial thrillers / three to five types of lush fillers / two to three or more varieties of glorious spillers 

Rare Tropical Plants - Enjoy two exclusive and rare plants surrounded by lush fillers! Perfect for plant lovers looking to add some luxury plants to their collection. 

(Price may vary depending on the plant requested)

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